Wait But Hi Sunday Event

In July, we announced a weekend called Wait But Hi, taking place on August 13th and 14th, all over the world. We’ve always wanted to find a cool way to bring WBW readers together in person, and this is our first crack at it.

We asked WBW readers to fill out a survey telling us a bunch of random things about themselves, and we used those surveys to bring 3,782 people together into 414 curated group hangouts, taking place in 168 cities, in 48 countries—all happening this Saturday. Quite the thing.

But that’s less than a quarter of the total people who submitted a survey, and we wanted a way to include a lot more people in the weekend. That’s where Sunday comes in.

This Sunday, August 14th, in the six cities with the most WBH applicants, we’re organizing large group gatherings, starting at 1pm local time. Those cities are New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Melbourne, and New Delhi.

For people in or near those six cities:

Here are the specific locations—and click the hyperlinks to go to a chat room with more details:

New York: Central Park, Great Lawn – South West Lawn (we’ll be there – come say hi!)

San Francisco: Dolores Park

Los Angeles: Grand Park

London: St. James Park

Melbourne: Royal Botanical Gardens

New Delhi: Central Park

If the weather sucks and we need to create a Plan B, we’ll write the new plan in the chat and pin it to the top of the chat room for that city.

Sunday hangouts are open to everyone, whether or not you received an invitation for a Saturday event. Bring blankets and some food (however much you want) for a picnic!

The plan is for these big outdoor hangouts to migrate in the late afternoon to a nearby bar for happy hour. Info about this will also be in the chat, either because we chose a place or because other people in the chat came up with something. If we see a general consensus forming about which bar things are migrating to, we’ll post that info in the chat and pin it to the top of the page. So remember to check the chat room on Sunday!

Important: So we can all identify each other on Sunday, bring a king of spades playing card as your ticket – hold it in your hand or tape it to your shirt. (If you don’t have one, draw one on a piece of paper.)

For people not near those six cities:

You are free to create a Sunday hangout yourselves using chat rooms for your city. Just click your region below and you should find a link there to a chat room for your city (if there’s not a link to your city and you want to start something, email [email protected] and we’ll add a link to your city). In the chat, people can coordinate a pick a place to meet.


Asia (minus India)




North America

South America

If you have questions, ask them in the comment section of that post and we’ll do our best to answer you.

We can’t wait for the weekend. And New Yorkers – hope to meet you on Sunday!


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