Post Progress Meter


Anyone who follows Wait But Why closely knows that I’m groundbreakingly awful at predicting my own timelines.

But no one knows it better than the group of people who have decided to stay in touch with this post progress meter. This page was intended to be a cute way for me to communicate to readers my process for a post I was working on in the middle of 2016. It morphed into a bizarre, mortifyingly timestamped visual depiction of my timeline delusion throughout what turned out to be a way bigger project than I ever could have predicted.

As for the group of you who have continued to check up on this page, on one hand, if I were a mafia boss, you’d be the people I’d have to kill. You know too much. On the other hand, on an internet with a trillion quadrillion things on it, I’m incredibly grateful to have readers so loyal that they’d come back to an unchanging progress meter again and again to see if anything new had surfaced. I’ve been mostly avoiding coming to this page myself, because just looking at my latest round of broken promises made me cringe.

Anyway, thanks for caring so much. I do notice, and it really means a ton to me.

And I have a final post progress meter update that actually—really!—will come to fruition this time:

This massive thing I’ve been working on forever will begin going up on Monday (8/26). It’ll be published as a long series over the course of a few months. Once you read the series, I think you’ll get why we chose to release it this way.

Also, try to keep this between me and you till then. This kind of early announcement is supposed to be reserved for our Patreon page—but anyone who is still checking this page has earned it.

Hope you like the series!


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