Wait But Why Holiday Stuff

One of Wait But Why’s great traditions has been me not getting my shit together with holiday store products until mid-December, when it’s too late for people to have things delivered by the holidays. This year, for the first time, thanks to me not being the one in charge of holiday products, we’re breaking that tradition.

In addition to the classic things that are always in the WBW Storet-shirts, posters, plushies, etc.—we have a bunch of new stuff in the store for the holidays. Here’s what they are (click on a pic to go to the store page for that product):

Full Posts on a Poster

We partnered with an awesome company called Litographs to create posters that have an entire WBW post written on them. From far away, the text forms a drawing from the post. Here’s one:


Here are the other ones:


procrastination_mockup_2048x2048 religion_mockup_2048x2048
fermi_mockup_43a04c88-928c-4602-8422-648f2dceb535_2048x2048 mammoth_mockup_2048x2048


Holiday Cards

Click on each to go to the store page where you can see the inside.

wbw-2016greetingchristmas-outside_2048x2048 wbw-2016greetinghanukkah-outside_2048x2048 wbw-2016greetingsnow-outside_2048x2048

Phone Cases

We partnered with Luxendary to make three WBW phone cases (iPhone):

stick-figure-flex chrome-life-calendar animals-flex

Wrapping Paper

Introducing three WBW wrapping papers (sold as a multi-pack – click through to see each design):


And these plushies still like you:

panic-monster-1 WBW mammoth plush toy igmonkey-1


Two other things:

Black Friday sale exclamation point

We’ll be having an awesome Black Friday sale which is actually just free shipping and not a sale! For all orders placed Wednesday 11/23 through Monday 11/28, shipping will be free for all US orders. International shipping is $5 on orders of at least $75 and free on orders of at least $100.

Order deadline for guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery:

For US orders to arrive before Christmas, you have to order by December 15. There’s no guarantee for international orders, but we suggest ordering by December 1.

We hope you like the new products. Email [email protected] with any questions!

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