The Titanic Compared With a Modern Cruiseship

The white ship is the Allure of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world. The black ship is what the Titanic would look like next to the Allure.

Titanic Comparison

A stat comparison:


Allure Titanic
Capacity 6,296 2,435 (20 total lifeboats which could carry 35% of the people onboard
Crew 2,384 892
Length 1,187 ft (almost a quarter mile) 882 ft
Height Above Sea Level 236 ft (higher than a 20-story building) 175 ft (including the long thing)
Weight ~100,000 tons 52,310 tons
Max Speed 26 mph (41.9 km/hr) 24 mph (39 km/hr)
Passenger Decks 16 9
Cost to Build $1.2 billion $7.5 million ($400 million in today’s money)
Iceburgs Hit on Maiden Voyage 0 1

The Allure is not small. Some features:

  • A two-deck dance hall
  • A theater with 1,380 seats
  • 7 distinct “neighborhoods”—I’m not sure what that means
  • 25 restaurants
  • Panda Rosa

    It’s like comparing a racehorse to a pregnant Clydesdale. Both are impressive, but the Titanic has an elegance her bloated sister can’t quite exude.

  • Bicycle Bill

    This is not cruising.  This is plopping a Las Vegas Strip hotel onto a hull and pushing it out to sea.

    • Ken D

      Right on brother

    • Leslie

      …Couldn’t agree more!

    • Kitty

      Try it… was AMAZING

    • Uh

      AKA what all cruise ships have been since forever. Your point?

  • Steve Olive

    Titanic might be smaller but it’s doing a damn fine job of towing that big ugly boat.

  • pingouin

    Could you use metric units please ?

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