You Win

Congrats. You’re officially a weirdo.

Of the 1,419 people who have been on the last page, 949—about two-thirds of them and 15% of the original turtle footer clickers—have gotten to the final turtle page. That’s 1 in every 36,412 people.

As a reward for your weirdo diligence, here’s a secret video of me walking my tortoise, Winston. He’s not a turtle but ya know whatevs. As you watch, keep something in mind: as of the time of this update, Wait But Why has been in existence for 710 days. And 929 people have been on this page, meaning that on a typical day, one or maybe two people land on this page. Which means it’s highly likely that you’re the only person on the planet who’s here right now. And when you watch the video, you’ll almost definitely be the only person currently watching it. It’ll just be you and Winston in a private little moment. Enjoy.

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