What’s Your Favorite Hidden Gem on the Internet?

The internet is a big, awesome, horrible, incredible place. And every person’s relationship with the internet is unique. Everyone has their own particular style of surfing around—some go to the same five sites again and again, some get lost on long zig-zaggy rabbit holes, some let friends or Twitter or a trusted curator site hand-deliver them the best places to go.

No matter how you use the internet, here and there, everyone comes across a hidden gem—something fantastic that most people don’t know about.

For this Dinner Table, tell us your favorite hidden gem. To qualify as a hidden gem, the site has to be A) excellent—including having passed the test of time, something you’ve enjoyed consistently for a while without getting bored of, and B) not well-known—you should assume that less than 10% of people have ever heard of it.


Tim’s Answer:

Daily Overview

I don’t remember where I came across Daily Overview, but I’m happy I did. It’s simple—they put up one spectacular aerial photo a day and a little description of what you’re looking at. I subscribed by email (signup is a bit down this page), or you can see the daily photo on the usual social media platforms. Here are their Top 10 photos.

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