Thoughts on Brexit?

Early Dinner Table this week in light of last night’s big news about the UK voting to leave the European Union.

I’ve heard/read a bunch of things about this, including the theory that behind this is a similar phenomenon to what’s behind Trump’s success in the US: anger about immigration. But my knowledge on this is pretty thin, as I’m sure it is for many Wait But Why readers.

So those who know a lot about this—tell us what’s going on. Why did this happen? What will it mean for the UK moving forward? How about the rest of the EU? What does it mean for the million Americans currently working in the UK and the million British currently working in the US? Is there any chance France is gonna do a Frexit now? The world economy seems to have dove off a cliff in the immediate aftermath of the vote—is this a short-term dip or the beginning of a long-term recession in the UK, or even across the world?

Help. Thanks.

(P.S. Buried in a big post that should be coming out soon. Thanks for being patient with me.)


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