Show Us the Best Picture You’ve Ever Taken

Post the best picture you’ve ever taken. Lots of definitions of what makes a picture great, so feel free to get creative. Add a description or the story behind the photo if it’s called for.


Tim’s Answer: This isn’t the most striking picture I’ve ever taken, but the setting makes it my favorite. I took it this summer, in Greenland, in the 46-person village called Oqaatsut. What you’re seeing is basically the entire town. 46 people and a bunch of Arctic wolves. It’s way, way up above the Arctic Circle and to get there took a bunch of flights and a long boat ride—about as isolated a human inhabitance as exists on Earth. It’s a bit north of the Ilulissat glacier, the giant glacier that breaks off into a stunning ice fjord and whose pieces travel hundreds of miles, including as far as Oqaatsut, which is why there are huge icebergs floating in the water at all times. (You can read much more about this in my Greenland post.)


Show us your coolest photo. It can be amazing because of the magnificence of the photo itself, because of what it shows, because of the story behind it—get creative. Can’t wait to see what gets posted here.

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