The Mental Swiss Army Knife

Thanks to Leah Z. from Los Angeles, CA for this week’s topic.


Victorinox, the producer of the original Swiss Army Knife, has announced the release of their next product: The Mental Swiss Army Knife (MSAK). The MSAK is inspired by the classic—it’s a 7-piece multi-tool with everyday functionality—but 1) it’s customizable and 2) it’s implanted directly into the user’s brain.

Customers can equip their MSAK with any seven items from Victorinox’s library of brain tools. The library offers personality traits (e.g., patience, humor, confidence), skills (e.g., freestyle rapping, flawless calculating, speed reading), and databases (e.g., worldwide maps, encyclopedic knowledge on any topic). I should mention that the MSAK is a buy-it-for-life deal—once you choose your tools and place your order, you can’t make any changes.

So here are the questions:

1) What brain tools (up to 7) would you choose to have with you at all times?

2) How much, if anything, would you be willing to pay for your Mental Swiss Army Knife?


So it turns out setting up thousands of strangers on curated hangouts is not a small task. So we don’t die, we’re pausing the Dinner Table until the first Sunday after Wait But Hi ends, August 21.


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