What’s an Invention the World Needs to Have?

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DT14- Inventions PThis Week’s Question:

You know that brilliant invention you thought of but you don’t want to tell anyone because you’re planning to invent it some day and become a billionaire? Well you and I both know you’re not actually gonna ever do it, so tell us about it. What would be a great invention that the world needs to have?

Tim’s Answer: I use my phone headphones constantly. I only do phone calls using headphones, and most of the time when I’m walking or driving or exercising or cooking or doing chores or errands or waiting in line, I have headphones in listening to podcasts or maybe The Blue Danube Waltz on repeat to make strangers on the street hilarious. So my life ends up basically being a long series of folding up headphones to put them in my pocket and then untangling headphones when I want to put them on. Someone needs to invent a better way to store headphones—something with magnets or maybe a thing where they get neatly sucked into a small canister and then easily come out when you want to use them. Headphones are only going to become more of a thing as time goes on, and the person who invents something good enough that companies like Apple will want to buy the technology and implement it into their headphones will become outrageously wealthy.


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