For those wondering what the hell is going on with the site, here’s an update I recently sent to Patreon pledgers.


Hey Patreons,

Just want to drop in to mention that I still exist. There are two reasons for this long gap between posts:

1) This post isn’t quite as crazy long as the last two, but it’s a hard one where I’m trying to take a huge pile of accumulated thoughts and figure out the best way to articulate them. I’ve torn up a bunch of outlines that I wasn’t satisfied with and finally last week it clicked and I was able to get going on the writing.

2) I’ve had less time to write than I’d like to because a bunch of other Wait But Why-related responsibilities have been up in my (and Andrew’s) grill, more in recent months than ever before. Which is exactly why we’re now doing some hiring—because we can—because of you guys. But in the meantime, the hiring process takes its own time on top of everything else, so writing is moving slower than usual.

This post should be coming in the next week, and then the post schedule should pick back up again. The Musk series has been super fun for me, but in the time it’s taken, my future-post-topics list has been overflowing—I’m incredibly excited to dive back into it. We also have a couple new potentially-awesome features of the site in the works that we’ll be rolling out a few months from now (made possible, again, by your pledges).

I know if I were supporting a site and it went MIA for a bunch of weeks, I’d want to understand why, so I wanted to reassure you that your support is not being taken for granted. Quite the opposite, in that it’s made us even more fired up to produce the best stuff we possibly can.

Okay. Back to battling my eternal enemy, section three of this post.


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