Wait But Why is Hiring

Thanks largely to the generosity of our Patreon donors, Wait But Why is now hiring! We’re looking for three people:

1) The Manager of Lots of Things (Full-Time, Los Angeles)

The Manager of Lots of Things will be the company’s collective right hand man/woman and will be asked to manage lots of things. Upon making this hire, there will be two full-time people working at Wait But Why—me and the Manager of Lots of Things. The MLoT runs much of the site, works closely with me and Andrew, wears a ton of hats, and plays a large role in what the site is and what it will become. It also takes a bunch of things off of my plate, which translates directly to more writing time for me.

To apply, and for much more info, visit the apply page.

2) An awesome designer to design Wait But Why 3.0 (Part-Time / Open-Ended Duration, Any Location)

WBW 1.0 was this silliness. It went up on July 8, 2013 when we launched the site. WBW 2.0, the current site, went up in January of 2014. WBW 2.0 is doing its job, but we think we can do much better—both in user experience and in site capabilities. It’s time to make an amazing WBW 3.0, and we need to find the perfect designer for the project.

As a first step to finding the right person, we’re inviting designers to submit proposals. Design proposals should include:

  • A description of your concept for the site
  • Links to previous work of yours

We’re open-minded about what WBW 3.0 should be, so feel free to get creative. Some things we know we want the design to be:

  • Mobile-friendly and responsive
  • In line with the personality of the brand
  • Something that treats the site like a gallery, with each post being a distinct, permanent fixture, rather than a continual stream of timely articles coming and going like a typical news site.

Designers should submit their proposals here.

What we’re specifically hiring for is this particular WBW 3.0 job—but if both parties like working together, this could become a longer-term working relationship.

3) A Digital Marketing Expert (Part-Time / Open-Ended Duration, Any Location)

There are 70 posts on WBW, and an additional handful of Mini posts, Shed posts, and Dinner Table discussions. The WBW community includes everyone from the people who discovered the site in mid-2013 and have read every post to the people who stumbled on the site just last week and have barely read anything. Right now, our methods for communicating with the community are entirely unsophisticated—we bunch everyone together, and because we don’t want to annoy the people who have already read all the posts, we err on the side of leaving the whole group alone.

We need to build a smarter system, one that breaks the WBW community into sub-groups and communicates with each of those groups in the ways that make the most sense. We could also do a lot better at reaching out to new people who would like WBW—as of now, we barely ever do this and mainly rely on existing readers to spread the word. We’re also bad at analyzing our readers and getting useful data that will help us engage them better. Basically, we’re bad at shit.

So we’re looking for someone who knows what the fuck they’re doing to help us do all of this better. People that apply should have experience working with brands and should provide us with descriptions/examples of what they did in one or more previous campaigns.

To apply, submit a proposal that includes the following:

  • A strategy to get people who already know about Wait But Why more engaged with the site
  • An out-of-the-box idea about how to reach new people
  • Your thoughts on how we could make sure not to annoy the shit out of someone who already loves WBW

Digital marketers should submit their proposals here.

Like the designer role, we’re initially just looking for someone to help us temporarily, on a part-time basis, but if both parties like working together, this could become a longer-term working relationship.


We actually needed four people, not three, but huge thanks to Mason James and his awesome WP Valet team for donating a bunch of back-end WordPress help and keeping our needs to three people for now.

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