Is the Man Saying Bar or Far?

In this audiovisual illusion, if you click the sound button on the video and watch the clip on the left, it sounds like he’s saying “bar.” But if you watch the clip on the right, it suddenly sounds like he’s saying “far.”

This is a result of something called the McGurk Effect, which describes the tricks our ears can play on us, based on what our eyes see.

(via Kottke)

  • Dógui da Marina

    Don’t watch the clip and you’ll hear “par”.

    • i myself hear “bar far bar far”, not “par”.

    • Skal

      I somehow hear “bar”, “far”, “par” and sometimes some other words pretty randomly and watching the video barely affects it. I mostly hear an unwritable sound though.

    • Guest

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  • Gabu

    it says “bar far bar far bar far …..”
    If you listen carefully the plosive consonant is stronger every 2 utterances.
    However, watching the video probably makes the brain override the small difference in the sound and assign the word accordingly to the visual cue from the lips.

  • gerber

    If you look away and then move your mouth to say either “bar” or “far” you will hear what you are mouthing…

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