Two Succulent Videos

Whenever I feel the need to become elated by stop-motion animation of food-making out of non-food things that look like food, I go watch these two videos, by stop-motion artist PES.

The first one:

Too many delightful moments to discuss here—I’ll just mention that the sound when he strips the peel off the “onion” is the root of most of my happiness in life.

And the second one:

Again, too many special things to lay them all out—we’ll just acknowledge that the scraping of the “butter” has assaulted me with internal fuzziness.

  • Basketcase

    Definitely bought a smile to my face too. I love the creativity behind these sorts of things.

  • Erwin

    The slicing of the dices gave me that same combined feeling of awe and fear as a Salvia-trip I had some years ago – where everything around me, the walls, the pillows, the table, my friends, stole my very own laugh and divided itself into smaller versions of my own laugh, until everything was eaten by my own laugh an in fact was my own laugh in both sound and vision, which is fun and terrifying at the same time. It were some very long ten minutes.

    Which in return made me think of your AI post, where the universe gets converted to endless handwritten notes. If you’d like to have any idea how something like that might feel, sound and look like, Salvia Divinorum could just be the right thing to do.

    • danTHAman152000

      during my trip, I saw an alternate dimension of vast space that apparently exists in my garage but only visible with salvia lol

  • jaime_arg

    The word that best describes this is ‘satisfying.’

  • wobster109

    There’s a new one, Submarine Sandwich! It’s also beautiful.

  • Delly

    I was struggling when PES didn’t scrape the entire ‘avocado’. It gave me the worst feeling ever.

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