Crazy Fact About Population Density

Human Race in New Zealand


There are 7.1 billion people. New Zealand’s area is 103,738 square miles.

Manhattan’s population density is 70,517 people per square mile.

7,100,000,000 people / 103,738 sq mi in New Zealand = a density of 68,441 people/sq mi. It would actually be less dense than Manhattan.

This is crazy because walking around Manhattan, it doesn’t feel that dense. And what you feel when you walk around Manhattan includes all the tourists and work commuters who don’t live there (which makes the actual people density of Manhattan much higher than 70,517 people/sq mi). So our hypothetical New Zealand would feel far emptier than Manhattan on a Wednesday, and all people would be there.

Not sure what the takeaway is—clearly what it’s not is “Wow so over-population isn’t a problem,” because that’s much more related to resources than land space. But it’s cool to think about.

Much more on this topic here.

  • Dan

    I just posted the first ever comment on The Shed!! This is a HUGE deal.

    • Reality

      no, just no.

  • Manhattan feels pretty bloomin’ densely populated to me!

    If everyone else is in New Zealand, could I stay in England, please?

  • e

    no it’s not.

  • Mark

    Congratulations, Dan!

  • Anonymous

    Could you PLEASE start waitbutwhy actual life meetings? A bunch of people that obsess about hilarious nerdy jokes, how brilliant is that? And if Andrew doesn’t see a business opportunity there.. (That would actually be somewhat like the island in Brave New World, I’m afraid it’s getting this weird now. But I’m not really.)


    Please, please make your font color dark bold black. I love reading your articles but it’s like trying to read a light led pencil. My eyes are 50 ish. 🙂
    Please consider.
    Thank you!
    Mindy Line

  • richpee

    I do submit that NYC puts people on top of people on top of people in the form of huge skyscrapers all the way down to the underground subways.

    Still, NZ is a tiny chunk of land to fit all of us on, even if we’re piled on top of each other.

  • anonymous unicorn


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