What’s Your All-Time Favorite Movie Scene?

What’s your all-time favorite movie scene? Doesn’t have to be a scene from your favorite movie, just your favorite scene from any movie. Post a link to the scene if you can.

UPDATE: We’ve compiled all the clips into one playlist:


Tim’s Answer: Upsettingly hard to choose. Since it’s too embarrassing to say my actual favorite movie scene, I’ll go with this rad scene from Good Will Hunting.

  • SlvrScoobie

    Shawshank redemption when he makes it outside. Just amazing.

  • Erik

    the elevator scene in Drive!

  • Mark


    The scene outside Lydia’s apartment in The Fisher King.

  • Luca
  • Tina

    The computer scene from Zoolander – They’re IN the computer!!!

  • autheclified

    My favorite movie scene is unquestionably the lye-scene from Fight Club. Sometimes I watch this scene over and over again because it fascinates me so much. Besides being incredibly well-shot, I just love how fucking surreal and weird that scene is.
    Spoiler alert:
    Tyler Durden gives “the narrator” a smooch on the back of his hand and then pours some lye on top of it. The chemical reaction causes the narrator’s skin to burn off and he screams in pain (which is incredibly well acted oh my god). The narrator guy begs him to make it stop, but Durden’s just like “first, you have to give up. First you have to know, not fear, KNOW that some day you’re gonna die” and then Durden goes like “it’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.”
    That scene gives me goosebumps to this day.
    If you haven’t seen Fight Club, go watch it – RIGHT NOW.

    • Ryan Foley

      A good one, no doubt. I’m partial to the car scene. A natural progression from the lye scene and really drives (heh) home the message I got from the movie: Just let go.

  • Bill

    Reservoir Dogs – The Commode Story. The cuts between its exposition, Tim Roth’s stages of practice, actual telling of the story, and fantasy sequence of it actually happening are brilliant and seamless.


  • RF42

    Oh, this is an easy one for me. The scene in John Hughes’ highly under-appreciated “Some Kind of Wonderful,” when tomboy Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson) offers to teach her best friend – and the boy she’s secretly in love with – Keith (Eric Stolz) how to kiss a girl before he goes on a date with the uber popular Amanda Jones. The kiss these two “friends” share is sweet and hot and my all time favorite movie kiss ever. The music chosen for the scene is perfection. Here’s the YouTube version: https://youtu.be/I_3pKN09DAo

    • Instant gratification monkey

      Ohhhh! Now I need to end how it ends, I so want him to realize!!

  • Jacob Nestle

    Wow, so many to choose from.
    I’d have to say that it’s harder because most of my favorite movies are great because of their entirety (The Breakfast Club, Bobby, The Shawshank Redemption).
    There’s always the climatic scenes from TBC, the scenes leading up to the climax in Bobby and TSR.

    However, just removed mostly from the rest of the movie itself, it’s hard to beat the awesomeness of The Gladiator’s “My Name Is” scene. Both Joaquin Phoenix and Russell Crowe really did some of their best work on that movie and that’s doubly apparent in the climax-before-the-climax.

  • Eiron

    ‘The Great Dictator’ – Charlie Chaplin


  • Fay

    ” “My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next.” – Gladiator

  • Adam

    Requiem for a Dream end scene blew my young mind back in 2000.

    Don’t watch it if you haven’t seen the movie before!


  • Innocent Bystander

    The courtroom scene from A Few Good Men.


  • Chris Wizzard Williams

    The flight scene from chronicle. This probably isn’t my fav but it’s the first to spring to mind in the ocean of great movie scenes out there.

  • d

    There are other, cinematically more awesome scenes, but this one just gets to me

  • Not exactly a movie, but a series. So much truth in it:


  • Rainmaker

    The final duel scene from the Good, the Bad, the Ugly.
    A perfect ending to one of the best films of all time. Practically it’s just three sweaty men staring at each other for 5 minutes and then some shooting.
    But it’s truly perfect. The music is so powerful that I probably feel the tension more than the three guys there. The acting is magnificent. The camera angles are carefully chosen. All lines are brilliantly written.
    It really gets me everytime. Simply amazing.


    • Innocent Bystander

      “There’s two kinds of people my friend – those with loaded guns, and those who dig.”

  • Such a good (and frustratingly difficult) question Tim! I’m going to throw out the two that first come to mind, even if I’m not sure yet that they are my real answer:

    1) The Joker’s entrance into the mob meeting in the Dark Knight. I remember watching this in the theatre and being blow away by how powerful, complex and dark Heath Ledger made the character:

    2) Danny Devito’s speech from the movie “Other People’s Money”. I have to admit, I haven’t even seen the full movie. But I think the speech is a great example of effective rhetoric.

  • Fiel

    Inglourious Basterds opening scene.

  • Bindle

    The scene in Rick’s Cafe in _Casablanca_, where Paul Henreid leads the patrons in Le Marseillaise. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTsg9i6lvqU for the youngsters.) It *never* fails to make the hairs on my neck stand up and salute, as it did just now when I replayed it. I’ve read somewhere that many of the actors in the cafe scene were themselves refugees from Hitler’s Germany, giving it special punch and poignancy.

  • Gokhan Arslan

    Spartacus, season 1 finale.
    You think either Spartacus or Crixus is going to die, but they end up joining forces and leveling the house of Batiatus with other gladiators. Watched the whole episode standing up and swinging my arms holding a kitchen knife.

  • Helena Santos

    The scene is not complete in this clip, but couldn’t find any other. A very intense scene.


  • Innocent Bystander

    The train station scene from The Untouchables.



    This is a question which will throw up so many answers.I’m sure just about everyone has several favourite scenes from movies.Mine range from the Judgement Day scene(where Arnie rescues the young J Connor from the liquid metal Terminator on the truck) to the recent Whiplash scene where after Miles Teller has played his set with bloody hands,JK Simmons tells him,”Neyman,you’re done” to ahhhhhhhh,somanyIcan’tthinkofwhileImtyping.

  • Instant gratification monkey

    ‘He was the single most hopeful person I have ever known’.

    Couldn’t think of an all time favourite, but the Great Gatsby was great.

  • msamoylov
  • ejune

    The last scene in ‘TIGER BAY’ Horst is holding a 10 -year- old
    Hayley Mills after diving in to save her. Horst looks at John Mills
    and says, ‘Well, you’ve got your man.” (long pause) Then Mills,
    an investigator, says, “And a very brave man, too.”

  • I don’t know how this is gonna come across – the big final number in the first SpongeBob movie. The buildup to the ludicrous explosion of rock ‘n’ roll, the almost deus-ex-macchina-like guitar-laser that helps SpongeBob save Bikini Bottom, the calm afterwards… there’s something immensely satisfying about watching this scene, and it’s hilarious. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeNxh5t5dHg

  • Andi Shen Liu

    The very end of the last scene in Edge of Tomorrow where the main character walks into the training area and on seeing the second character, breaks into that silly grin.

  • adude
    • Innocent Bystander

      It’s clearly a Joe Pesci scene, but man, Ray Liotta is excellent in it too.

  • Instant gratification monkey

    Django, the Leo character is just amazing!

  • robyn s.

    From Ken Kesey’s “Sometimes A Great Notion,” almost never shown anymore. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKdF-IP7rE0

    • Ani

      I agree. It’s an incredible scene from an unforgettable movie. Paul Newman made so many great ones.

  • LumberKate

    From one of my favorite movies, The Outlaw Josey Wales.. Upon first viewing, the dialogue may seem laughingly banal… But when you really listen, the message expressed is something all nations should live by. Love this movie.

    Josey meets with Ten Bears

  • Jason Kay

    The end of “Contact” … “What interests me is not that it recorded static, but that it recorded approximately 18hrs of it.”


    I love when science blows the minds of average movie goers who have not studied cosmology, astrophysics and the physics of wormholes… Pity about the energy required to hold the throat of wormhole open though.

  • Maya Djordjevich

    Ah, everybody has uploaded so many good scenes! Great taste everyone! Okay this scene is from that chick flick Crazy, Stupid, Love and I’ve seen it more times than I want to admit. 🙂 But it’s Emma Stone, guys, Emma Stone, she’s awesome! And this is scene is so awkward and adorable, I just love it.


    • Dragonfly

      I so enjoyed that! Thank you!

  • Marina London

    My father, George London, appears in one of the most famous scenes in one of the most famous movies ever made: Casablanca. At the age of 22, he played one of the French Foreign Legionnaires who stands up and sings the Marseillaise in Rick’s Cafe. It is easy to spot him at many points during this epic scene. He is the tall soldier in uniform 50 seconds into this video clip, and again at 1.28, in the background to the right of Paul Henreid. I can also hear his voice among the others because he eventually became a renowned famous opera singer, and his is the loudest voice in the group. This clip has been viewed by over 1 million people. I have been able to share it with my children. I can watch it any time. It’s very cool and very emotional. https://youtu.be/HM-E2H1ChJM

    • mel

      this has always been one of my favorite scenes in one of my favorite movies. so cool that your father was part of it!

  • Kevzo

    The scene in “As Good As It Gets” where Jack Nicholson is seeking Greg Kinnear’s advice on how to win Helen Hunt’s heart… “I am drowning here and you’re describing the water!”


  • Arminius
  • iamu
  • Douglas

    When I was 9 my dad introduced me to the Matrix series and when I first saw this scene at the age of 9, I was amazed and mesmerized. This movie and better yet this scene got me into watching more movies in the future which eventually became an influence for me.
    The scene really shows what technology can do to make a scene look so great even without super advanced cgi.

  • tothmarcell

    Not just one of the best scenes but a brilliant motivational speech as well 🙂 Al Pacino ftw!!


  • Lucy

    The opening sequence in ‘Amelie’:


  • Michael

    There are many choices, but this was my first instinct, so I’ll go with this.


  • Christian
  • Robin

    Antonioni’s L’Eclisse final scene:


  • HockeyMom47

    Hands down the christening scene in the Godfather – The juxtaposition of Michael renouncing Satan as he’s having the heads of the other families and Mo Green whacked gets me every time.

  • Matt
  • gdl81

    I wouldn’t call this (Donnie Darko) my favourite film (that’s a whole other discussion, and may be another post, Tim), but when asked for a single scene from a film, this sprang to mind:


    I love the camera work in this, it just seems to flow effortlessly from one image to another, with the change in speed of the film working perfectly (especially in the first part in the school hallway). It sets the tone and pace for the remainder of the film, and gives so much character development for so many different characters, and in just 2min 30sec without a line of dialogue. For a single scene, I think this is beautiful.

  • Wim K

    Okay so it’s not strictly a movie, but my pick comes from the series Breaking Bad. It’s from the season 5 episode Ozymandias – BrBa fans know exactly what I’m talking about. The scene with Hank, Walt, Gomez, Jesse, and Jack’s gang out in the desert. It’s incredible the amount of tension and emotion the writers are able to impart in those few shots. And if you’ve followed the series until then, it’s just such a culmination of all the terrible things Walt has done, and how in the end, it’s all left him with nothing. He’s still the victim.

    Also, without giving away too much, it’s really powerful as well because as much harm as he’s done to his peers and other random people, this is the first time his actions have really and truly affected his family. In effect, it’s clear to him that this scene officially marks the end of Heisenberg, and pretty much the end of his normal family life. It’s as if he finally realises that he’s gone too far, and there’s no getting back now.

    SIDENOTE: fuuuck all these videos in the comments made this thread a real bitch to scroll down.

  • MamaSass

    “The only true currency you have in this bankrupt world of ours is what two people share with one another when you’re uncool.”

    • jennifer baum

      Wong Kar Wai has one of the best eyes in the business.

  • liyanc

    This one from Wong Kar Wai’s In the Mood for Love. Stuck with me ever since the first time I saw it.


  • hugepossum
    • Amanda Bell

      Or practically any scene with Val Kilmer in this movie would have to be my all time favorites, spinning the little cup, seeing double, or in the end when he says “I don’t” if you know what i mean, my heart melts. Love that movie!

  • Ani


    In The Godfather Part II, young Vito Corleone (Robert De Niro) has just been laid off from his work at a grocery store since his job was given to a gangster’s nephew. The shopkeeper is upset with the change but can do nothing about it. Vito refuses to take any compensation as he knows his boss was forced to fire him.

    She shopkeeper urges him to take a basket of fruit, but Vito graciously accepts just one pear. This one pear is the dinner he brings home to his wife, who is delighted instead of dismayed.

    With so little dialogue and imagery, so much is conveyed: the honour of Vito as he quietly walks away from his unfair dismissal, the positivity of Vito’s wife as she is faced with hunger and possibly hard times ahead, the love they have for each other, the strength of their union…

    Such a simple, beautiful, timeless scene.

  • Wrong Bobby

    It’s a hard choice. I recently saw “Her” and was kind of blown away by it (even though Tim’s brilliant articles about AI ruined it’s believability a bit …)

    I couldn’t find a video of the particular scene, but I found the script:

    “SAMANTHA What’s it like? What’s it like to
    be alive in that room right now?

    What do you mean?

    What are you… tell me – tell me
    everything that’s going through
    your mind, tell me everything
    you’re thinking.

    Well, um, okay.

    Theodore closes his eyes, trying to concentrate, and starts
    talking stream of conscious with whatever comes to mind.

    Well, the room’s spinning right now
    cause I drank too much cause I
    wanted to get drunk and have sex
    cause there was something sexy
    about that woman and because I was
    lonely. Maybe more just cause I was
    lonely… and I wanted someone to
    fuck me. And I wanted someone to
    want me to fuck them. Maybe that
    would have filled this tiny little
    black hole in my heart for a
    moment. But probably not.

    We see images of him and Catherine on a vacation together,
    grocery shopping, Catherine making dinner in the kitchen as
    he’s sitting on the counter talking, happy.

    Sometimes I think I’ve felt
    everything I’m ever gonna feel and
    from here on out I’m not going to
    feel anything new – just lesser
    versions of what I’ve already felt. ”

    That part just broke me. Snap, like a twig. Right in them feels.

  • Pranav Modi

    In a more pretentious mood, i’d have mentioned something from 2001: A space odyssey. here is my actual favorite scene from Braveheart, the William Wallace ‘Son’s of Scotland’ speech, It’s just so inspiriting 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1Hc4iS5vo4

  • Jake Caim

    Easy for me. The final scene in Scent of a Woman. “You call yourselves Baird men…”

  • helios13

    there are many…but here’s the one that came first to my mind

    Alec Baldwin kicks ass in this scene (from Glengarry Glen Ross)


  • Sierra Grigsby


    Sally Field was amazing but the humor at 1:25 is priceless.

  • Jeffrey Wilkins

    My all time favorite seen is Star Wars episide V. The scene where Yoda explains the nature of the Force to Luke on Dagobah.


  • Veronica

    The scene from The Social Network where Eduardo finds out that he’s been stabbed in the back. It’s not my favorite movie, but I love this scene so much. The Social Network’s soundtrack was really great all around, too.


    • Jerome

      I LOVE that soundtrack!

  • Jonathan

    This scene (At least the start) always made me cry.


    • Instant gratification monkey

      The entire movie is sooo great!
      When the monkey meditates on his tail!

  • Crossbow McStabby
  • vinnie

    A lot of good ones here, but seriously, doesn’t it have to be when Inigo fights Rugen in the Princess Bride? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5TiaQeuNO0

  • Joanna Rene Rasmussen

    The Bug Hunt Scene (Finale) of The Conversation. This is the film that inspired me to write screenplays. It’s got one of the greatest soundtracks. Gene Hackman’s performance is very subdued. He plays a bug man (audio surveillance) who takes a job that ultimately leads to murder. This final scene begins when he finds out that he, himself, is being bugged. http://movieclips.com/eCgmx-the-conversation-movie-bug-hunt/

  • Jesus of Natchitoches

    Knee-jerk, off the top of my head answer is this: The final dogfight scene in The Great Waldo Pepper.

  • lldemats

    The scene in Miller’s Crossing (yes, my favorite movie) where the two gangsters go up the stairs in Leo’s house to assassinate him. They inadvertently started a fire when they killed Leo’s protection downstairs, and Leo sees the smoke coming through the floorboards. He puts out his cigar, puts on his slippers, ducks under the bed, and gets one of the gangsters as they open the door to give him hot lead from their Thomson guns. Leo then runs to the window, tosses the Thomson and follows it down to the front of his now burning house. He lets the remaining gangster have it. Shoots him for about an hour. Then, when the back up gangster car comes gunning for Leo out on the street, Leo let’s them eat hot lead from his Thomson. And all of this, mind you, with “Danny Boy” playing in the background. Absolutely classic.

  • Kristiyan Ivanov
  • Keith Dennis

    My first knee jerk reaction was the opening scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark. And I haven’t been able to think of anything yet that would knock that off.

  • cah3822

    From “One True Thing” with Meryl Streep. Renee Zellweger, and William Hurt. So much wisdom in one scene.

  • Austin Schroth

    Usual Suspects….that last scene.

    • LuisPauloLohmann

      Can I endorse this comment more than once?

    • Rainmaker

      “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that… he is gone.”

  • Bette Pollex

    Love Actually – Emma Thompson thinks the present contains a necklace her husband actually gave to a woman at his office.

    • hayley

      I was trying to think of my fave and right before I came across this I had decided on this one too. Great choice.

    • liyanc

      Heartbeaking. 🙁

  • Carl K

    I can’t find a full video of it. The ending of High Fidelity, from Barry Jibe and the Uptown Five all the way through Stevie’s “I Believe” in the credits slays me every time. No other scene has affected me like that one does every time. My wife has said to me many times, “Did you watch High Fidelity again?” when I get mushy on her.

  • Isadora

    I loved Frank and Carl’s relationship in Catch Me If You Can. This Christmas scene sums it up well:


  • Lindsay

    The movie A Little Princess makes me SO emotional. I challenge you to try not to cry at this scene…

  • JameyB

    Rocky IV. Sylvester Stallone chopping wood, sit ups in the rafters, running in the snow. Awesome

  • Karen Edgerton

    Point of No Return. Gabriel Byrne and Bridget Fonda. He is relating to her what his boss said to him about her needing to shape up and change her behavior. “He used the word ‘bullet’ and he used the word ‘brain'”. What a great management style!!

  • robyn s.

    This, along with “hold the chicken” and the final scene at the truck stop. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_IVurj2Od0

  • Anadae

    LOTR Return of the King – when Aragorn sees Arwen behind the banner. His loneliness, grief, and resignation fall away and he swoops her into his embrace. Like finding a spring in a parched land.

  • OhjAy

    Good Will Hunting, the scene where affleck tells Will to do something with his gift.

  • Instant gratification monkey

    Oooh, the monkey just loooooves this thread!!!!

  • brad

    Not a movie, but this scene from BBC’s Sherlock is just really really epic. (spoilers)


  • “I love the smell of napalm in the morning.”

  • Orkhan Jafarov

    The ending scene from “Schindler’s List”

    • Instant gratification monkey

      – – – thanks for reminding me. And for the song.

  • Jim

    Peter Finch – Network – Mad as hell, not going to take it any more. Usually I’m not a fan of rage but this was not only brilliant, but still timely today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AS4aiA17YsM

  • Carlos Cuello

    The Matrix. When Neo and Trinity must rescue Morpheus. Best action scene ever

  • hickey
  • Indi

    I love the scene in Stranger Than Fiction where Harold Crick (Will Ferrell) plays the guitar & sings “Whole Wide World” by Eric Wreckless before the big pash with Ana Pascal (Maggie Gyllenhaal).

    • PinkTheBush

      Yes, yes, yes. Yes. This is right after the “I brought you flours” part, too. The best. Thank you for contributing this.

  • Nick Clark

    Duel of Fates, Star Wars Episode 3

  • Luca Barlassina

    The scene from Godfather at the Hospital. Or the one at the restaurant. They made my heart rush

  • LuisPauloLohmann

    Not a movie, but I love this scene from Mad Men: https://vimeo.com/20736616

  • Æthelwyne

    When Loki finds out he’s a frost giant. SO much emotional investment in the character here, interesting to keep in mind when watching his psychopathic behavior later


  • EEEEEEEfraz

    Blue Valentine is my favourite movie. The ending is beautiful with the comparison of the couple’s beginning and end. This whole clip is great, but I started it when the comparison begins.


  • Peter

    The scene in Ghandi, when the Indian citizens were quietly lining up to get their salt in defiance of British colonial rule, and as they lined up, one by one the British officers beat the next person in line, then the camera pans out and you see a seemingly endless line…

  • Jamie Beck

    If you didn’t see this movie, this scene will be meaningless. But to those who know the movie, and understand the significance of the movie reel gift, don’t you agree that this final scene is one of the most touching movies scenes EVER?


    • vinnie

      Yes, I posted this as one of the two I’d pick. The other (completely different) is the sword fight between Inigo Montoya and the six-fingered man.

    • PeteM

      So glad someone posted this scene. It is a truly wonderful moment!

  • Eli Peter

    I’ll probably think of something better as soon as I post this but…

    The Dream is Collapsing.

    Nolan’s got some weaknesses (dialog, being able to *hear* the dialog), but he does have a great intuition for how stories should play out cinematically.

    It’s got that old-school heist movie feel to it, mashed up with a sci-fi existentialist premise, playing out in a fantastical way.

    Also, I’m crushing on Marion Cottillard in that old-timey dress.


    • Innocent Bystander

      Love this movie. I have a love/hate relationship with the last scene when he spins the token. I knew Nolan was going to leave us hanging. As soon as he spun it I was like “no. No! NO!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!”

    • Yeah that’s a pretty good one. #inception

  • Break

    So beautiful
    Requiem for a Dream

    • Joanna Rene Rasmussen

      Nice choice!

    • marisheba

      Wow, I haven’t even seen the movie, and I think that’s my favorite scene on the list so far.

  • Andy S

    From the beginning of The Producers (1967) when Leo is having a breakdown. “I’m hysterical and I’m wet” “I fell on my keys”. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a video.

    • SaraNoH

      I’m in PAIN! And I’m wet. And I’m STILL hysterical. Great movie. My favorite scene is LSD’s performance of Love Power, though.

  • PinkTheBush

    It’s weird because in real life, I find it too corny to stomach, but I am deeply affected by romance in movies, books, and stories. The more wildly improbable, the better. My favorite movie scene is from Big Fish, where Edward Bloom, after finally getting to meet the beautiful girl he saw at the circus, finds out she’s already engaged. Instead of accepting defeat, he makes a series of ridiculous romantic gestures to win her over, culminating in a moment where she opens her bedroom window to find him standing in a field of daffodils.

    I enjoy the scene further because it’s a massive embellishment; the older, dying Edward chooses to look back on his cocky gallantry and limitless love for her with much more profundity than whatever the grey reality might have been. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. Danny Elfman nailing the score in this movie doesn’t hurt either.

    I could not find a clip of the whole scene I wanted that wasn’t in French. Fortunately, you don’t need subtitles or French to get it. The part I want is at 2:35 to 4:01. What comes before that is him meeting her and finding out she’s taken.


    • PeteM

      I LOVE this movie! So happy to see someone include a scene from it. I was thinking about posting the ending to the movie as my favorite but I’m happy to see someone beat me to it.

  • Dan

    One of my recent favorites (although it’s a show) is from True Detective. The heist scene. Blew my socks off. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JD-vnvpft2U

  • Janae

    My favorite romantic movie scene would have to be “your hands are cold” from the 2005 pride and prejudice.

    Just the fact that they don’t kiss at the end makes the scene refreshing from all of the crude movies that think sex scenes make a romantic movie better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ll2H3TIt0PE

  • Steve Swinnea

    Always come back to this for some reason.

  • BillMontreal

    The final scene of Lost In Translation. This clip reveals what Bill Murray says to Scarlett.

  • BillMontreal

    When Elwood P. Dowd tells the story of how he met Harvey, the invisible rabbit.


  • Bernardo Prum

    Kubrick said movies are greatest when they manage to communicate without word but with images and music. In that sense this is the ultimate scene.

    • jennifer baum

      as always Kubrick knows film. it’s moving pictures not moving dialog.

  • Nolesquirrel

    Scent of a Woman… Toss up between Pacino’s blind tango or the epic speech at the end. Great movie all the way around.

  • JoanDX

    This little known early Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks gem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEwHIvOwRxU

    A little movie with a big, big heart. I agree with everything in this blog post about the movie: :http://brightwalldarkroom.tumblr.com/post/95100664592/free-essay-from-issue-15-joe-versus-the-volcano

  • valleybanter

    Pony-tail guy totally cockblocks Ben Affleck. What a dick.

  • Maude


    This is my first post but I’ve been following this site for a year. Going through the comments is like a highlight reel of all my favorite films! The community you have created with this website is fantastic, Tim. After reading the prompt I also immediately thought of this scene from Good Will Hunting. But I also have to add this one from Harold and Maude. It’s basically an anti-war film from the 70s but is also a love story between an 80 year old woman and a 20 year old man. And the entire soundtrack is by Cat Stevens. Yes.

  • Jonathan Wells

    This scene from Liquid Sky. Warning: profanity, drugs and lesbian sex. There’s so many great scenes in it, but if I had to pick one, it would be this one, Margaret’s black light soliloquy in the mirror. It starts at about 2:30, but really the first part is a necessary lead-up to what comes next. It also doesn’t make much sense without seeing the rest of the film. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5H_sPSv4m8Q

    • SelectFromWhere

      I LOVE Liquid Sky!!

  • DeeDee Massey

    Perhaps I just haven’t met the right movie yet, but at the moment I’m not devoted to one scene. I’m seeing all the good scenes I can, and lots of available ones are out there, such as:

    – the Final Showdown in “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly”

    – Win or Die, Beyond My Control, and War in “Dangerous Liaisons”

    – Miriam’s seduction of Sarah in “The Hunger” (NSFW)

    – So Many Activities in “Stepbrothers”

    – Troy Growls in MST3K “The Final Sacrifice”

    My suggestion is to appreciate each film for the wonderful gift it is, not just for its parts as if it’s a cheap piece of acting that can tapped anytime you want.
    That is, except for this one. Anyone can watch it, even those of us nerds with uncommon names.


  • LOTS of great movie scenes to consider. One of my most favorite would have to be from ‘Immortal Beloved’. Gary Oldman is GENIUS in this film. I know it’s cliche, but, this musical piece hits all of the emotional happy notes in the human brain. Enjoy… https://youtu.be/7fQG4CcoRuM

  • Emanuele Di Iorio

    Hard to pick just one but i guess in my case it has to be the scene that changed my way of looking at films when i was about 13 years old.

    Mark Cousins found the words to describe precisely what happened while i watched it (and still happens every time i see this):

    “You will feel imaginative fireworks explode in your head, so unfettered is cinema. You will feel the rush to tears at the beauty of Claudia Cardinale in Once Upon a Time in the West but then, later, you will realise, with life changing consequences, that it was only partially her that brought those tears. It was also, inconceivably, impossibly, ridiculously, the exalted sweep of the film’s image up into the air, over the railway station and further still to reveal a frontier town being born.”

    Jill’s arrival – Once Upon a Time in the West: https://youtu.be/7WPMoVtHSOs

  • Brother Jon

    There’s the Shawshank redemption escape, the very end of Inception and Cool hand Luke eating all those eggs, but I’m going to have to go with Napolean Dynamite and his dance to Jamiroquais’ Canned Heat. I just remember thinking “where did that come from!”

  • Ditie

    The Castle Aaargh scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It’s parody that’s both amusing and touching – touching because it’s such a beautiful tribute to old fashioned epic films. I have Youtube-linked just the music – it’s by Stanley Black and it’s called “The Promised Land”. There’s not a lot of information available about the song. It would be wonderful if it had been written specially for the film, but I suspect that it was written much earlier – Stanley Black did most of his film scores in the 50s and 60s, according to Wikipedia. But even if it wasn’t originally intended as a playful tribute to epic films, that’s what it has become thanks to this film. I like to listen to it and shed a nostalgic tear. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPW9fmhA4-k

  • Colleen DeVries Valentine

    My favorite movie scene is near the end of “Pearl Harbor” (2001). In this scene, the planes have crashed in China, and Japanese soldiers are soon upon them. Josh Hartnett’s character has been shot, and he and Ben Affleck’s character share a scene.

    To me, it is a beautiful depiction of friendship ~ a life-long friendship of two men. The conversation between them and the emotion that flows through the scene are indicative of the enduring love of life-long friends.

  • Carla

    “Oh man I shot Marvin in the face!”

    Bloody funny scene this one.


  • Francesco Manzali

    Probably when Ben leaves the Seanachai and discovers the truth about his lost mother in “The song of the Sea”

    (Here’s the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgbXWt8kM5Q)

  • Pascal

    Best scene and possible one of my favourite movies!!!! Fast and smart lines all throughout! Cracks me up every time!!!

    • Pascal

      Hi there Since I can’t edit the line, I must say that scenes in movies create a particular feeling! So many movies, so many films to mirror myriads of feelings! Thanks.

  • vasilios8

    The 3 way duel for The Good, the Bad and the Ugly finale. The entire film score by Ennio Morricone was exceptional, but this last piece of music was divinely inspired. Each of these actors isn’t just great, but for this particular scene each of them was endowed with faces made to play this role. The use of the intimate portrait here to the epic music and the special focus on the eyes of the characters is moving.


  • Chad
  • PeteM

    The scene I would pick is the ending to La Vita e Bella (This was the only clip I could find). There are so many beautiful and powerful scenes in that movie but the ending always reduces me to a teary mess. Highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it. SPOILER ALERT if you plan on watching it sometime.


  • Bianca
  • Jebmak

    It is the opening scene of Firefly’s episode “Trash”. Not a movie, but my favorite scene of anything. (Probably NSFW, but nothing graphic.)


  • Jordan S

    For me, it’s gotta be the coin toss scene from No Country for Old Men. The gravity of that exchange just blew me away, as well as the overwhelming menace from Bardem’s character.


  • Wooten

    This scene is simple and perfect. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7kOyt9dPB4

    • Veronica

      Love that movie 🙂

  • Spiderguy419

    The epic but intimate scene from The Silence of the Lambs where we learn the meaning of the title…

  • Shira
  • SelectFromWhere

    Most probably have not seen this movie, but the final scene of “Longtime Companion”, which traces 10 years in the early part of the AIDS Epidemic, as we’ve seen one character after another die, will never be matched IMO:

  • laura

    I loved A League of Their Own as a kid. Most have watched it 50+ times. This scene is still a favorite. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndL7y0MIRE4

  • SelectFromWhere

    Here’s another one, the “Club Silencio” scene from “Mullholland Drive”:

  • SelectFromWhere

    And how could I forget this:

  • SelectFromWhere

    The ending from my favorite movie, Robert Altman’s “Nashville” which encapsulates so much about America in politics, using the Country Music scene as a metaphor. There is no way to give background if you haven’t seen it, but pretty much every one of 24 separate characters we’ve followed through the whole rambling movie is all here in the last scene, right after the “star” is assassinated:

  • MonkeyGrrl

    Such an impossible question! There are way too many to choose from, but as a stand along scene that anyone can appreciate without actually seeing the full movie (and one that gets me all riled up, in a good way), I’d have to go with this one from Erin Brockovich. Booyah…Is all I have to say:

  • Metz

    Definitely a scene from Goodfellas, but it’s hard to pick just one. I’d have to go with the scene where Pesci get’s whacked followed by that classic Scorcese “quick zoom” on De Niro. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dk-a1RAX2mU

  • Meg Ryan’s ok too
  • Laura C
  • Ken Blackman

    For me it’s easy. Jurassic Park 1, the T-rex scene with the kids. Nothing I’ve seen on the screen before or since has drawn me in quite like that scene did.


  • marisheba

    I’ve always been a sucker for the beacon-lighting scene from Return of the King. So stirring!
    Bonus points for the awesome shot of Aragorn at the end of the clip.

    • That has to be one of my favorites, big starwars and lotr fan

  • Katie Bausler

    The Baby Jesus dinner table scene in Talladega Nights

  • Chelsea
    • marisheba

      Far and away the best Tim Burton movie. I think most of them are overhyped and have poor storytelling, but Beetlejuice is pure gold.

  • James

    Its between two scenes in the Gladiator, when Maximus demands whether the crowd is entertained, and the moment when he takes off his spiked helmet to reveal his identity to the Emperor, gives me chills everytime

  • MaryAnne

    The “Moses Supposes His Toeses are Roses” dance in Singing in the Rain. It’s just so joyous and fun – you can tell they had a blast. Everyone raves about Gene Kelly, and I don’t disagree, but Donald O’Connor is phenomenal too.


    • Lis

      Love this one too! 😀

  • RajashreeB

    The Dream is Collapsing scene from Inception was fricking cool

  • Kanishk Saxena

    Last scene from The lives of others:

    “Shall I gift wrap it?”

    “No, It’s for me…”


  • Ben

    How has no one posted this yet?

  • rresaff

    I wasn’t going to bother posting because my head nearly exploded with scenes just thinking about this for 30 seconds, but in a long and winding way a conversation reminded me of Boondock Saints today and the best scene from that movie was actually deleted. It’s hilarious (if you found Boondock Saints fairly hilarious, or movies like Goodfellas and all of Tarantino…)


  • Emma

    When Billy Elliot dances for his dad. The mix of defiance and fear in his face make this such a moving and inspiring scene in an excellent film.


  • Jimmy Cooper

    Everybody’s like “what the feck just happened?” and QuickSilver giving exactly zero sh*ts after saving the day.


  • jennifer baum

    thank you all. i have successfully murdered 2.5 hours. and i loved it!

  • Anthony Churko

    It’s not the best scene of all time, but choosing based on what I’ve watched and re-watched the most times:

    Office Space – the scene where they smash the printer. If I ever have a stressful day, nothing is a better de-stressor.

  • SassyinSantaMonica

    After careful consideration, I chose the surf lesson scene from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8Xg1vVkIh8

  • Roman Fedoryshchak
  • Soprano_semprelibera

    When the dinner table scene started in Beetlejuice, I finally figured out why I had been sitting in the theatre for a half hour. YouTube is not cooperating with either of my browsers, so I can’t post a link. Sorry.

  • Rowena

    Out of the 147 scenes, I liked 5, none of which are on my top favs list. Does that mean I should stop reading Wait But Why? It seems like I am very far removed from the target audience/typical reader given how much I hated the other 142 scenes. Most of them were from movies you couldn’t pay me enough to see. So, I clearly don’t belong on this site.

    • Rohan

      Thats an odd criterion on which to base whether you visit a site or not.
      So 142 responses to 1 post didn’t resonate with you. That shouldn’t mean you don’t belong to a site.

    • Harry


  • Patrick Wahl

    The whole movie nearly is a favorite scene, but this one gets me –


  • Guest

    This was the first scene in a movie to properly move me. It isn’t even that I was crying hysterically, it just shocked me how true the words Yasmine speaks are- serves as a reminder as to how fucked up rape is. The scene prior to this, Yasmine gets raped on a ‘date’ for those who haven’t seen the movie. I think the entire movie is so positive and shows empowered women, despite all the negative things that happen to the characters.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8NRL0Dd6kg

  • Grace

    This was the first scene in a movie to properly move me. It isn’t even that I was crying hysterically, it just shocked me how true the words Yasmine speaks are- serves as a reminder as to how fucked up rape is. The scene prior to this, Yasmine gets raped on a ‘date’ for those who haven’t seen the movie. I think the entire movie is so positive and shows empowered women, despite all the negative things that happen to the characters. https://youtu.be/g8NRL0Dd6kg

  • Verdun
  • Lucca
    • Lucca

      There are subtitles option. Amazing movie from norway about depression. I guess this scene is a perfect capture of how modern life can become silly if you look at it

  • TBB

    Since I’m incredibly late, I won’t clog the comments with the actual movie clip (in case somebody already used it). My favorite scene (ever changing, just like most favorites) has got to be in Inglourious Basterds when Shoshanna is sitting down at the table discussing hosting a Nazi movie premiere and the head of security walks in, Hans Landa (spoiler alert, he kills her whole family in the beginning). This scene is crazy intense, and one of the reasons that QT is a legend. I’ll include the link:

  • Gabe

    Hands down, greatest movie scene of all time.


  • Dee Bleakley


    For me, as a motivational speaker this is where I draw so much of my inspiration from. Since the age of about 12 I fell in love with the rocky movies. They are by no means the greatest films ever made, but they are undoubtedly my favourite for sentimental reasons. The third entry in the series is my favourite movie of all time. And despite the fact you would assume my favourite scene would be the clichéd training montage or fight scene…it’s neither. It’s actually this scene where Adrian confronts Rocky. As he wrestles with self-doubt and his own vulnerability-at 3:50 Rocky asks a question, the answer to which from Adrian has shaped who I am as a person.
    Living without regret. It’s ok to go for something you’re scared of. But at least if you give it a go and it doesn’t work out…you can walk away with no regrets, no excuses, knowing you gave it your all.

    Cue my favourite training montage, because it’s the only training montage in 6 Rocky movies wherein he has FUN training, he’s a heavy underdog again but he’s relaxed, win lose or draw, you have one shot and nothing to lose (as it is with life itself) so why not go out with a smile on your face.

  • Jaime Robles

    Hard to choose a favorite but this one always makes me laugh

  • Brandon Corrier

    Don’t know if it’s been posted, but the ending of Se7en is one of my favorites. SPOILERS if you haven’t seen it. If you have, you know exactly why.


  • Yuri’s childhood. Played by Tarek El-Sharif, Omar’s son. And his heart-breaking death.

  • JWD

    The tension in this scene is unbelievable

  • Guest

    A movie doesn’t have to have a big budget… put your expectations of fancy graphics aside and this is a fantastic movie.

  • Kory Crompton

    A movie doesn’t have to have a big budget… put your expectations of fancy graphics aside and this is a fantastic movie.
    Joe vs The Volcano, moon scene.


  • Pete

    So many good choices. A couple of my favorite monologues (Gladiator, Glengarry Glen Ross) were already mentioned (Pacino in Scent of a Woman is another good one) so I’ll go a different route. Thomas Newman is one of my favorite composers and his score is woven perfectly into this scene by Sam Mendes.


  • wobster109

    I answered that life calculator question in like 5 seconds but this one took me a week to think about. -.-

    Wreck-It Ralph: “There’s no one I’d rather be than me.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noFBu2hruKo

    Some very close seconds were One Big Unicorn from Despicable Me and the ending to Flowers for Algernon (2000).

  • Digvijay

    My favorite scene is from Schindler`s List at the end of Movie when German forces surrender and all jews gathered to give farewell to Mr. Oscar. And he talks about he could have save more people by giving all other things he had.


  • Tikhung

    I’d say the ending scene of Pulp Fiction. The track was so good I’m currently listening to it everyday before I go to bed, no kidding. Either that or Truman Show’s ending.

  • Nick
  • Janice

    Last scene in PT Anderson’s Magnolia. Love Claudia’s smile.

  • Lis

    Lizzie’s rejection to Darcy’s proposal in the 2005 version of Pride & Prejudice. Their chemistry is explosive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNZ5NXKtdxs

    • Isabella

      This entire movie (maybe excluding that end garden scene) is like my favorite scene.

    • Cali Fornia Cat

      The original from Austen is work of art. Terrific dialogue.

  • Buffalo al

    Buffalo Al

    Scene in Forbidden Planet when Walter Pigeon walks
    Out onto the ramp into the heart of the giant machine of the Id. I forget the dimensions, but they were very
    Impressive to a twelve year old.

  • Kathy Kitchin

    Scarface: Restaurant Scene. “Her Womb Is So Polluted.” Fucking Classic.


  • Mehmet T

    25th Hour The Fuck You Scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSvPzTCVNHo

  • Kim Jong Un

    the interview 🙂

  • Jayerus


    This is my most favourite scene throughout the HP series (um, I also like the Snape montage in the DH2). I dunno, but I nearly cried when I saw this scene. I always get the shivers whenever I re-watch the film, particularly this scene. It feels like it’s telling me that it’s only you can save yourself. It’s got some undertone of redemption and salvation. 🙂

    • jayerus

      *it’s only you who can save yourself.

  • Verdun

    Who can forget the lap dance from Death Proof? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1T8iZn6tzU

  • Nick

    Who can forget this iconic scene from Terminator 2?

  • Best. Slo. Mo. Scene. Ever.

  • Alex Voigt

    Sigourney Weaver complaining abuot the “chompers” on “Galaxyquest”: “This episode was badly written!!!”

  • rvgthrthr

    Just test if you need Facebook to post here. Please remove. Sorry.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      You can remove it yourself

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Intro scene to The Godfather and Monty Python and The Holy Grail. So many scenes from Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. Intro scene to Super Troopers. Glen Gary Glen Ross when Jack Lemon’s character is being found out. He is so good at playing a nervous fuck. I also love courtroom scenes like in A Few Good Men and …And Justice For All

  • MiyuEinzbern

    Harry Potter 6. “But I am the chosen one”


  • Alex Mazzuca

    There’s a serious lack of A Clockwork Orange in here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HI-mDTdeKR8

  • scottclayton

    I always say this scene from EuroTrip, perhaps because I always say it. It’s like how you remember remembering things.


  • Dave W

    The diner scene that opens Reservoir Dogs. I’m a sucker for long tracking shots, and this one is one of the best.

  • Paitaya Puenpatom

    There are so many, from True Romance to X-Files to True Detectives. But here is a scene from a movie that I can watch over and over again. Sword duel in The Princess Bride, and again, there are also so many scenes from this movie: choose your poison scene, fire swamp scene, storming the castle scene, Miracle Max scene among many others.


  • Suprabhathk

    For me it has to be this scene from GoodWill Hunting


  • Natalia Przybysz
  • András Kühn

    Incredibly late to the party, but I’ll have to go with Gattaca’s ending… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ccvv9NhloI

  • Carl

    Yes, new recruit to WaitButWhy so sorry for the late response. My vote HAS to be Raider’s of the Lost Ark!! The fight with the mechanic who gets chopped by the propeller blade. Absolutely priceless!! LOL

  • alrey

    Hit Girl in kickass1 after going out from the elevator and it went crazy from there.. unbelievable.
    Untouchable shooting scene along the stairs.
    Romantic words in the crocodile dundee 1 train scene.

  • Cali Fornia Cat

    First scene between leads in Singin’ in the Rain. Sexy, funny, everyone gets a turn to have the punch line. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLUIztLrSiY Starts about :48

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