What’s the best product you own?

New purchases are exciting—until you realize one or both of these things happened:

1) The product turned out to suck

2) It’s a week later, the honeymoon is over, and you’re now over it and will never use it again

Once in a while though, you buy something that you end up loving, and using, for a long time—making the price you paid for it seem like nothing compared to how much you got out of it.

What’s something you own that has stood the test of time and proven to be completely worth the price? Make sure to include a link in your recommendation so we can check it out, too.


Tim’s answer: This thermos.

drawing of tim's thermos, his favorite product

I mentioned this in the recent mailbag. $22 for something that makes me happy every day forever till I die. It’s such a good bang for my buck that I lose it and have to buy a new one a lot cause I’m a child, dramatically increasing the price, and it’s still a steal.


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