How Useful Would Your Current Knowledge Be if You Were Back in 10,000 BC?

Thanks to reader Greg R. for this week’s topic:

DT5 - 10,000 BC FEATUREYou’re on a walk in the woods when you accidentally pass through a time warp, and suddenly it’s 10,000 BC. You look down and realize you’re naked, without any of your artificial accessories (tattoos, jewelry, makeup, hair dye, etc.), and your body hair matches the people’s of that day.

Ahead is a clearing, where you come across a local tribe of hunter-gatherers. Luckily for you, they’re a peaceful tribe with a policy of welcoming wandering strangers into their tribe.

Little do they know that they’ve welcomed in a very special wandering stranger. Their new tribe member is from 12,000 years in the future and carries the knowledge of the entire history of human civilization and discovery—a history that in 10,000 BC is all yet to happen. It’s their lucky day.

Or is it?

The question is: How could you use your knowledge of the far future world and everything that happened in between to help your new tribespeople? How could you use what you know to make their lives, and your own life, better?


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