Why I Should Never Drink a Full Cup of Starbucks Coffee

You know who doesn’t like Mini Week? My inner perfectionist. It’s been quite the internal battle this week between wanting to keep my word to readers and wanting to only put out excellent work. Anyway, it’s now Friday and what was supposed to be the fourth post is still in the research phase, because there was a lot more to learn about the topic than I anticipated. So I’m doing a double-cheat trick to make it all work: 1) What was supposed to be the fourth post will go up on Sunday as the fifth and final post. 2) Everything in Mini Week so far has been created during this week, but for the new fourth post, I’m gonna show you this little comic I made in 2011, two years before Wait But Why started and before my male stick figures all went bald. The comic is old but the meaning of the comic is as true as ever.









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