Fully Disassembled Volkswagen Golf

This is a disassembled 1988 Volkswagen Golf, disassembled into its 6,843 parts. The picture was created by Hans Hansen as part of a book made by Volkswagen for its employees on its 50th anniversary.

Disassembled Volkswagen

  • Rob

    I had an 88 Golf. Magnificent.

  • Yoyo Go

    I’m at an airport hotel reading this; our flight was delayed 24 hours due to an engine maintenance issues. This made me wonder how many parts a 747 has?

  • Bill Warren

    Can has link to make picture big?

  • Duke of Hazzard

    Actually it breaks down to more than 6,843 parts. Many of these “parts” are actually sub assemblies made from many smaller parts!

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