The Sun and Planet Sizes to Scale

In case you forgot just how big the sun is.
Solar System

  • Steve

    This will never be unimpressive.

  • yon

    Wouldn’t this make a nice poster?

  • Cadaei

    You’ve also gotta compare to Betelgeuse too!

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  • Mike

    Still impressive.. Never seizes to amaze me. The to scale comparisons vs. other much bigger stars is also impressive, but I think the actual sizies of those super giant stars are quite a bit smaller.. Their sizes are theorized and are adjusted quite frequently. However, it is very clear that they are at least many times larger than our sun. Crazy to think about..

  • wobster109

    Huh. It’s not as big as expected. It’s only 10x or so the diameter of Jupiter.

    • Gabe

      Well you have to consider that it is in 3 dimensions. The addition of depth make it many more times the size of Jupiter.

  • d

    ops sorry, wrong link for the jiggling proteins, it should be this:

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