Incredible Video Footage from 1906

I really love this video. It’s crazy that we can just watch 1906 people going about their day. That seems WAY too old a time to be able to do that.

Cool time too because the very earliest cars were around but a lot of commuting was still done by horse and carriage, and you can see both coexisting here.


  • Gmn67

    Seems to be a doctored video. with the trolly cars crossing w no tracks or electric rails above the trolleys w electric arma above them. And what are all the cars doing u turns in front of the camera for?

  • Maria Vega

    Traffic signs were not invented until 1908. Two years after this footage.

  • Mathieu Champagne

    This is not video. Video started in the late 1960’s. This is celluloid film. More specifically, it’s 35mm film with a 16 frames per second frame rate.

  • suzukiman

    its not doctored you can see the tracks crisscrossing but just barely the lines are to whited out though. Look carefully and you can see them.

  • teflon

    First women that you see are 5 minutes into the 7 minute video.

  • Kazi

    Crossing the street in 1906 was apparently an extreme sport, and there is exactly one obese person in this footage. I wonder if there’s any connection.

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