God’s Wounded Ego

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    • Anonymous

      I don’t want to be as massively annoying a prick as you but all stories are man-made, dickhead. But how the story came about has no influence on this post’s hilarity. It is, in fact, funny. Man seemingly forgot to give you an asshole that wasn’t puckered tighter than a dolphin’s blowhole, though, so I can understand how the ‘douchey’ smell just wafts off of you.

  1. Anonymous

    Where is this evangelical atheist dickhead? Do you mean the person that called this a man-made story? Maybe it was a theist but not a Christian, did that occur to you? You seem to be jumping to conclusions here.

    • Anonymous

      that’s interesting. Are you saying the author has an issue with death? Do you know him? Why would this post not be smart?

    • 1. The death issue is an inference from some of his (your?) other posts.
      2. The only philosophy that is devoted in its entirety to the problem of death and that proposes the most feasible solution to it is that which has been taught by Christ and his early followers (“Christianity” if you will, but not to be confused with the myriad of movements that has used and are using the name). I would imagine that it is smart to see the link between the only real problem that we have and those teachings. The post above does not reveal such insight.

      • Anonymous

        Death “issue”? “Problem” of death?
        sounds like YOU have a huge issue with death, and are totally projecting.

        What if the most “evil” people to ever exist, didn’t die because they solved the “problem” of death?

        Heaven on earth?

        Srsly… get clear on what you think.

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